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First Annual Camp Banquet

The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827 held its First Annual Camp Banquet on December 18, 2002 at
historic Henry Clay Inn, located in Ashland, VA.

The Henry Clay Inn is named for one of Hanover's own historic personalities, Henry Clay "The Great Compromiser". The very first of three hotels/inns stood just north of the present location and was called the Ashland Hotel. This hotel was built in 1858 and was destroyed by fire in 1905. The old Ashland Hotel provided weekend getaways for Richmonders who made the trip by rail to enjoy the country air. The Civil War closed the hotel for 10 years. In 1868 Randolph Macon College acquired the Inn for use
as a boarding house.

The second hotel built and the first to be named The Henry Clay Inn was built on the original site of the Ashland Hotel in 1906. This Inn was enjoyed for the next forty years by RMC students for balls and parties and later as living accommodations for newlyweds until suitable housing could be afforded. This Inn burnt down to the ground on February 27, 1946. There were no injuries and most of the town's residents turned out to help put out the fire and to watch in amazement.

The present day Inn opened on April 10, 1992. The exterior of the Inn is an exact replica of its predecessors (recreated from photographs). The interior houses 16 guest rooms, a Restaurant, Art/Gift Gallery featuring local artists and artisans, a Parlor which opens onto the balcony overlooking the old Ashland train station and campus of RMC

Photo credit: Henry Clay Inn

Our guest speaker was Mr. R. Darryl Holland, author of the 24th Virginia Cavalry regimental series. He did a PowerPoint/Slide presentation on the history and background of the formation of the 24th Virginia Cavalry. Many local Hanover men served in this unit during the War Between the States.

Mr. Holland was born in Henry County, Virginia in 1957. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1981 with a major in Animal Science, and finished with a double major in
Agricultural Education in 1983.

In 1986, he went to the Soviet Union for the first time, leader of a "People to People" student delegation. In 1997, he went back to Russia as a teacher representative from Virginia's State Department and spent the summer of 1998 in Moscow on a Fulbright grant. At the present, he is working on a Master's Degree from Texas A&M University, and has taught
Agriculture for the past 21 years.

In the past fifteen years, he has written three books, the latest of which was "the 24th Virginia Cavalry Regiment." His current writing experience includes a monthly column for the United Kennel Club, and he has also written for a couple of
hunting magazines for the past 12 years.

Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

Below is a group photo of both current and prospective members of The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827.

The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827 truly appreciates Mr. R. Darryl Holland for not only coming out from Henry County, VA to speak to us, but for his continued hard work and dedication in preserving our Civil War history.

Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

We would also like to thank the staff of the Henry Clay Inn for providing a wonderful meal and outstanding service. We are already looking forward to our 2nd Annual Camp Banquet!

An additional thank you goes to Mrs. Mary Jane Stokes for donating her beautiful signed print of the historic Hanover Courthouse as our guest speaker's gift. Thank you for your generous donation to
The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827!

For more information on how to purchase your copy of Mr. Holland's 24th Virginia Cavalry regimental series book, please contact:
H.E. Howard, Inc.
Lynchburg, VA

Thanks for your interest in
The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827!

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