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January 2005 Banquet

Compatriots & Prospective Members,

Our January 2005 Camp Banquet was postponed due to the dangerous weather conditions in our area. Dr. Walter Griggs, Jr. has offered to come speak to our Camp at another meeting at a later date. Our next meeting will be Wed., February 16th at historic Slash Christian Church.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask that you keep some of our Compatriots and their families in your thoughts and prayers. First, I must share some very sad news.

Our Real Son, Clifton Pierce, passed away at the end of December. He was a very proud Southern gentleman who I’d come to know as a good friend over the twenty-some years we’d known one another. He was very proud of his father’s Confederate service and his own Confederate heritage and thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He was truly a gem in our organization and will definitely be missed. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Compatriot Garland Kirby, whom most of you have met a time or two at our Camp meetings passed away at the end of January. He had been struggling with a foot/leg problem and later found out that he had a brain tumor. He fought a heroic battle, having Stage 4 cancer before “crossing over the river to rest ‘neath the shade of trees”. His widow informed me of his great pride in his SCV membership and his love for his Confederate heritage. Garland had been a great help with our first Camp float and loved attending the meetings when his health would allow him to do so. He shall be missed greatly. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Some happier news to start 2005 with is that the Lee Monument in Richmond was NOT vandalized this year during the Lee-Jackson holiday. The Virginia Division requested some volunteers to stand guard & watch the monument and our own Adj/Trsr Mike Tyler did just that. Some suspicious characters were reported in the area “eyeballing” the monument, but thanks to Mike and some other SCV members, the Lee Monument remained unharmed this year. Kudos to Mike and the others for their work!

Please come out and bring a friend, co-worker, family member or prospective member with you. We are continuing to steadily grow with members both young and young at heart.
Come out and enjoy the fellowship of fellow Compatriots and some great food.

I look forward to seeing each of you on February 16th!

Robert T. Millikin, III
The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827

Robert T. Millikin, III, Site Owner/Admin. and Commander, The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827.
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