"The Hanover Dragoons
Camp #827, SCV"
June Meeting

Our June meeting was held on June 18th in the Fellowship Hall of
historical Slash Christian Church located at
11353 Mount Hermon Road,
Ashland, VA.

We did not have a guest speaker, but rather we concentrated on Camp business since this was our last Camp meeting until the fall of 2003.

During our June meeting, Compatriot Garland Kirby was officially inducted.

Camp Commander Millikin and Compatriot Kammeter inducting Compatriot Garland Kirby
Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

Commander Millikin presents Compatriot Kirby with his SCV membership certificate
Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

We are staying quite busy with two-three headstone dedications coming up in the near future, a Camp logo/flag project underway, fund-raising ideas being discussed, a Flag Fund that is growing and the J.E.B. Stuart Monument Clean-up project.

Our Camp is growing in men and activities. Please bring a friend and plan on attending our next meeting in September, 2003.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Robert T. Millikin, III
The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827

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