"The Hanover Dragoons
Camp #827, SCV"
October Camp Meeting

Our October meeting was held on the 15th
in the Fellowship Hall of
historical Slash Christian Church located at
11353 Mount Hermon Road,Ashland, VA.

Our guest speaker was Dr. James Kelly, Director of Museums at the Virginia Historical Society, whose topic was
"Confederate Cousins: Family Relationships on the Confederate General Staff".

This was a fantastic discussion on the kinship and many common bonds amongst the Confederate officers. We are greatly appreciative to Dr. Kelly coming out and sharing so much interesting information with our Camp.

Dr. James Kelly, Director of Museums for the Virginia Historical Society
Photo credit: Robert Millikin

I regret to inform the Camp membership that one of our Charter members has passed away. Compatriot Jerry L. Hudson, Jr. was killed in a traffic accident on Sept 16, 2003. Some of you met Jerry and his wife, Shirley, at our annual banquet last December. Jerry was a professional truck driver that Cmdr. Rob Millikin met years ago at his work. He had heard of Cmdr. Millikin's love for the Confederacy and being a SCV member and immediately wanted to know more about the organization. In no time at all, Jerry had his genealogy completed and copies of military records and became a fellow Compatriot. Due to his work, Jerry was sadly unable to attend many meetings. However, Jerry was very proud of his Confederate ancestors and expressed those feelings to anyone willing to listen. Jerry was a dedicated husband and family man who had overcome major medical issues. He loved to fish and collect War Between the States memorabilia. Our Camp's October newsletter, The Bugle Call, was dedicated in remembrance of our Compatriot Jerry L. Hudson, Jr., who has "crossed over the river to rest under the shade of the trees".

Photo: Compatriot Jerry L. Hudson, Jr.

With still quite a bit of cleanup going on in our area from Hurricane Isabel's visit, we are quite proud to report that the 2nd National Flag at Yellow Tavern and the grounds weathered the storm quite well. On this note, a HUGE thank you goes out to two Compatriots...Jim Chisholm and Jason Talley. They both went out to the monument on Sunday, Sept. 21st..just three days after the hurricane. They were hoping for normal grass cutting and cleaning duties, but these dedicated Compatriots saw work that needed to be done and went right to it. It's this kind of dedication that shows the community that this monument is VERY important to us, just as our Confederate history, ancestors are and that all are worth protecting and preserving. Well done Compatriots!

The Virginia State Fair...The Hanover Dragoons were there!

The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827 works the 2003 Virginia State Fair
Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

Commander Rob Millikin and Adj/Trsr Mike Tyler worked at the Virginia Division, SCV's recruiting booth at the Virginia State Fair on Monday, Sept. 29th. Working at the booth is always rewarding and lots of fun! It gives us an opportunity to tell the public what the SCV is all about. Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Isabel, the turnout was extremely low this year, but we still had alot of fun and helped the Virginia Division, SCV as well.

1st Lt. Cmdr, Mac Childress had originally announced that the Headstone Dedication Service for his Confederate ancestor would be late Sept. This was postponed due largely in part to Hurricane Isabel. This will be rescheduled and date/time/location information will be posted when it becomes available. We also have two other Headstone Dedication Services coming up in the near future as well. More information will be made available as details are finalized.

There are many events coming up in the near future that the Camp will be involved in such as parades, various local heritage events, etc. Please try to attend the November meeting for more information and get signed up to help.

There are lots of projects going on and lots of areas where everyone can help with each in one way or another. Bring a prospective member, family member, friend with you and come enjoy the fellowship and fun!

Robert T. Millikin, III, Site Owner/Admin. and Commander, The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827.
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