"The Hanover Dragoons
Camp #827, SCV"
October & November Camp Meetings

The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827, SCV met in both October and November of 2002. Our guest speaker during the October meeting was Mr. John Frawner, member of the Capt. Wm. Latane Camp 1690, who spoke to us on Hanover County's history. We, unfortunately, did not have a camera available at this meeting and do not have any photos. The Hanover Dragoons Camp wants to express our most sincere thanks to Compatriot Frawner for coming out to speak to us on Hanover County's rich history!

Our Camp meeting in November was held at historic Slash Christian Church. This has now become our regular meeting place and we are thankful to Slash Church for allowing us to use their facility. We feel so surrounded by history when we meet here. Our guest speaker in November was none other than Mr. Bob Krick, Jr. of the National Park Service.
Mr. Krick, Jr. has been involved with several history programs, books, television shows, and so much more. He's very active in preserving our Civil War history and we were very honored to have him as our
guest speaker.

Below are photos from our November meeting at Slash Christian Church. We had to include the photo of the infamous basketball hoop. Mr. Krick and all of us in attendance enjoyed hearing him talk about all the various places he has talked, but never before under a basketball hoop. We also had two visitors with us this month, Raymond and David Rice. We are very glad they were able to come out and visit with us.

The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827 truly appreciates Mr. Bob Krick, Jr. for not only coming out to speak to us, but for his continued hard work and dedication to our Civil War history.

We would also like to thank Smokey Pig Restaurant for the outstanding and delicious food and for the "Confederate Ladies" who were also present to
help and support us.
The ladies were: Katie Barker, Anne Marie Ittner, Gaynelle Atkinson, Sheri Millikin and Shelby Millikin.

Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

From left to right: Raymond Rice, David Rice, Tinker Fornash, Buddy Fowler, Jason Talley, Eugene Atkinson (kneeling), Bob Krick, Jr, and Rob Millikin.
Those also in attendance, but not shown in photo were 2nd Brigade Commander Mike Kendrick and Camp member Kevin Barker.

Below you see our two newest members after having been inducted into The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827, Sons of Confederate Veterans.
We welcome Eugene and "Tinker" to our Camp!

Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

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