"The Hanover Dragoons
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Camp Chartering

The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827, SCV met in September, 2002. In attendance at our meeting was VA Division Commander, Brag Bowling and 2nd Brigade Commander Mike Kendrick. It was at this time the Camp's Charter was signed by the VA Division Commander Brag Bowling.

Our Camp was approved by the SCV's International Headquarters and we are now one of the newest Camps in the Virginia Division, SCV.

Below are photos of the Compatriots of The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827 who were able to attend our first meeting and of VA Div.Cmdr. Bowling signing our Camp's Charter while Camp Cmdr. Millikin (l) and 2nd Brigade Cmdr. Kendrick (r) look on.

This was a most historic and special night for our Camp and our deepest appreciation goes out to VA Division Cmdr. Bowling and 2nd Brigade Cmdr. Kendrick for attending and being a part of our founding.

Photo credit: Compatriot Joe Burnette

Photo credit: Compatriot Joe Burnette

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