"The Hanover Dragoons
Camp #827, SCV"
September Camp Meeting

Our September meeting was held on the 17th
in the Fellowship Hall of
historical Slash Christian Church located at
11353 Mount Hermon Road,Ashland, VA.

Our guest speaker was Ret. Lt. Col. Steve Wright of the Hanover Sheriff's Dept., whose topic was
"Historical Treasures of Hanover County".

We were treated to a great discussion on various historical spots around the county and lots of entertaining stories of Hanover's residents of the past.

Ret.Lt.Col.Steve Wright, Hanover Sheriff's Dept.
Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

We had several visitors and prospective members at our September meeting. We welcomed Mr. Kevin Damian, candidate for the Ashland District, Hanover County Board of Supervisors, in our attendance. It was great to have him visiting with us to learn about the SCV and to enjoy the discussion about our local history.

Also in attendance was Compatriot Mike Smith, from the Cold Harbor Guards Camp, to announce to our membership the plans for "Dixie Days". This will be hosted by the Cold Harbor Guards Camp 1764, SCV and will take place April 2nd & 3rd at Hanover Ruritan Park in Mechanicsville. There will be living history, artillery and infantry demonstrations, period games, music and much, much more.
For more info, contact them at 804-746-8620 or email KingWm@aol.com

Of course, some were unable to attend as folks began to prepare for Hurricane Isabel, which roared into our area early the next morning and throughout the day. Several trees were uprooted at Slash Church, but thankfully no major damaged was done to the historic church or the other buildings. Hanover County saw quite a bit of damage and the beloved Lee Tree did come down during the night of September 18th. The APVA will be selling commemorative wood items and seedlings from the tree. You can contact them at http://www.apva.org or email Louis Malon, Director of Historic Properties/Collections at lmalon@apva.org

The first year of our Yellow Tavern Monument Maintenance Committee has been a complete success! Committee members have worked very hard cutting grass, trimming and general maintenance of the monument and surrounding area. Every other week, two members meet at the monument to perform these duties. The Richmond-Stonewall Jackson Chapter, UDC membership have contacted us to let us know that this is the best the monument and grounds have looked in years. Neighbors have stopped by while we've been working to let us know that they've noticed the hard work of our membership and to let us know how much they appreciate it. A HUGE thank you goes out to the following committee members: Jim Chisholm, Tinker Fornash, Buddy Fowler, Linny Kammeter, Rob Millikin, Jason Talley and Mike Tyler.

An update on our Camp flags...the Camp has recently purchased a Confederate Battle Flag, two flag poles with gold eagles and stands. The Honorable Frank D. Hargrove donated a Virginia State Flag earlier this year. We are now presently raising funds to have our Camp flag made and to purchase a United States Flag. (We are thankful to Slash Church for allowing us to currently use their U.S. flag)

Compatriot Linny Kammeter, who recently transferred to our Camp, offered to take on the Camp Chaplain position for our Camp. Linny was nominated and elected during the September meeting. Linny will now represent the Camp when sending condolences or get well wishes from our Camp to our membership and/or their families.

New Camp Chaplain, Linny Kammeter
Photo credit: Sheri Millikin

We have several projects underway such as merchandise/fund-raising items, Camp flag, several headstone dedications, recruitment ideas, upcoming parades, etc. If you would like more info on any of these projects, please be sure to visit our Camp's PROJECT link. The best way to get the most current info is to be sure to attend the next meetings so you can get involved in the excitement
..and bring a guest/prospective member with you!

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