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Dear Compatriots and Prospective Members,

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827 is a 501c3 open to male members who have ancestry connecting them to a Confederate ancestor and are interested in the true history of this time period. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has male members of all ages, races and religions and does NOT SUPPORT THE KKK OR WHITE SUPREMACY OR ANY OTHER HATE GROUPS SUCH AS ANTIFA. We are currently on break from meetings, as we normally are, for summer vacations so our members can enjoy time with their families/friends. Those who are comparing our Camp to the KKK or any other hate group are grossly misinformed and have also gone so far as to make threatening comments to innocent individuals who are not members of our Camp. Law enforcement officials have been notified as we do not condone this behavior by anyone for any reason! While we are aware this shows a lack of education, we want to make it very clear we are VERY supportive of our law enforcement and we are VERY supportive that ALL LIVES MATTER.

The Hanover Dragoons Camp #827

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